Over the years automated sentence calculation has been a costly and often inconsistent solution for States and local facilities. While developing numerous sentence calculation solutions for various jurisdictions, the founders and developers of CompuStrategies Automated Sentence Management (ASM) system have long believed that a cost effective, highly reliable solution could be developed to calculate sentences. They have analyzed sentencing requirements from multiple State and local facilities and have developed a design that serves as an engine for driving sentence calculations.

The goals of the design are:

  • Accurate and precise calculation.
  • Configurable to allow for current and future (based on new legislation) jurisdiction defined sentence service guidelines, release date definition, good time alternatives, jurisdiction specific data fields, jurisdiction defined credits, and the automated determination of applicable sentence and good time statutes.
  • Maintain ongoing history of all data changes that impact sentences and the associated sentencing updates.
  • Operate as either a stand-alone system with defined interfaces or able to be integrated into larger prison/jail management systems.
  • Provide a cost-effective solution for prisons and jails.

The design is such that most screen changes are configurable, thus allowing every facility to view and capture only the data that is applicable to their jurisdiction, with label names that are recognizable to them. While the design provides for a high level of configurability of how sentences are defined and calculated, it was recognized at the start that no sentence calculation solution is likely to be portable to all jurisdictions. With that in mind, the design is such that required changes are encapsulated to provide the ability to introduce new calculation alternatives without affecting the remaining system.

To achieve these features ASM is developed under the latest cutting-edge technology base:

  • ReactJS (Facebook’s framework) for flexibility and mobility,
  • ASP.NET AJAX for richer and more responsive user experience,
  • Visual Studio 2016 for the best in breed development platform,
  • SQL Server 2016 for a strong database that is scalable based on client requirement,
  • SQL Server Analysis Service for data analytics
  • SQL Server Reporting Services for reporting
ASM’s development utilizes an agile development methodology and is currently under design.